A cheerful "Patient-Healthcare Providers" gathering, World PI Week in Iran, by Immunology, Asthma and Allergy Research Institute

Immunology, Asthma and Allergy Research Institute(IAARI) celebrates World PI Week with a cheerful "Patient-Healthcare Providers" gathering. We plan to bring together patients, their families and healthcare providers to talk and listen to each other.
The event starts with brief lectures discussing the past and present status of PID and the bright outlook for the developments in diagnosis and treatment. Then the time is devoted to patients and their families to ask their questions and express their concerns and problems.
Besides all these, a lot of joyful activities, puzzles, balloons, gifts are waiting for our children with PID. Not to forget the interesting point that all the decoration, gifts and cake are Zebra themed, which is inspired by Immunodeficiency Foundation (IDF) and thanks to their suggestions. We explained the story behind all these Zebra things for the audience and offered them bags and stationary with Zebra pattern as souvenir of this week which would always remind our patients and their families that we health care providers are there for them. Moreover our patients and their families by daily use of these Zebra souvenirs and telling people its story, will stand beside us to raise awareness and spread the message of a better life for patients with PID in the society.
Dr Maryam Ayazi
Director of WPIW celebration by IAARI in Iran

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